Zimbra commands

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Disabling the antivirus

zmprov ms `zmhostname` -zimbraServiceEnabled antivirus
zmcontrol restart

Table 1 <a name="1153519">Zimbra CLI Commands</a>

<a name="1153523">CLI</a>
<a name="1153525">Description</a>
<a name="1282499">ldap</a>
<a name="1282501">Start, stop, or find the status of Zimbra LDAP</a>
<a name="1282495">ldapsearch</a>
<a name="1282497">Perform a search on an LDAP server</a>
<a name="1282491">logmysqladmin</a>
<a name="1282493">Send myslqadmin commands to the logger mysql</a>
<a name="1282487">mailboxd</a>
<a name="1282489">Start, stop, find the status of the mailboxd server</a>
<a name="1282483">mysql</a>
<a name="1282485">Enters interactive command-line MySQL session </a>with the mailbox mysql
<a name="1282479">mysql.server</a>
<a name="1282481">Start, stop the SQL instance for the mailbox </a>package
<a name="1282475">mysqladmin</a>
<a name="1282477">Send admin commands to MySQL</a>
<a name="1282471">postconf</a>
<a name="1282473">Postfix command to view or modify the postfix </a>configuration
<a name="1282467">postfix</a>
<a name="1282469">Start, stop, reload, flush, check, upgrade-</a>configuration of postfix
<a name="1282463">qshape</a>
<a name="1282465">Examine postfix queue in relation to time and </a>sender/recipient domain
<a href="A_app-command-line.20.05.html#1286505" title="zmaccts" name="1282459">zmaccts</a>
<a name="1282461">Lists the accounts and gives the status of </a>accounts on the domain
<a name="1282452">zmamavisdctl</a>
<a name="1282454">Start, stop, restart, or find the status of the </a>Amavis-D New
<a name="1282448">zmantispamctl</a>
<a name="1282450">Start, stop, reload, status for anti-spam service</a>
<a name="1282444">zmantivirusctl</a>
<a name="1282446">Start, stop, reload, status for the anti-virus service</a>
<a name="1282440">zmapachectl</a>
<a name="1282442">Start, stop, reload, or check status of Apache </a>service (for spell check)
<a href="A_app-command-line.20.06.html#1312947" title="zmarchive config" name="1282436">zmarchive config</a>
<a name="1282438">Command to view, modify, or configure archiving</a>
<a href="A_app-command-line.20.07.html#1313029" title="zmarchivectl" name="1282429">zmarchivectl</a>
<a name="1282431">Start, stop, reload, status for archiving</a>
<a href="A_app-command-line.20.08.html#1313034" title="zmarchivesearch" name="1282422">zmarchivesearch</a>
<a name="1282424">Search archives on the account</a>
<a name="1282503">zmauditswatchctl</a>
<a name="1282505">Start, stop, restart, reload, status of the </a>auditswatch
<a href="A_app-command-line.20.09.html#1313101" title="zmbackup" name="1282538">zmbackup</a>
<a name="1282540">Performs full backups and incremental backups </a>for a designated mail host.
<a href="A_app-command-line.20.13.html#1313394" title="zmbackupabort" name="1282531">zmbackupabort</a>
<a name="1282533">Stops a backup that is in process.</a>
<a href="A_app-command-line.20.14.html#1313446" title="zmbackupquery" name="1282524">zmbackupquery</a>
<a name="1282526">Find a specific full backup set</a>
<a href="A_app-command-line.20.10.html#1313194" title="zmblobchk" name="1282517">zmblobchk</a>
<a name="1282519">Check consistency of the Zimbra blob store</a>
<a href="A_app-command-line.20.11.html#1233162" title="zmcalchk" name="1282510">zmcalchk</a>
<a name="1282512">Check consistency of appointments and </a>attendees in the Zimbra calendar
<a href="A_app-command-line.20.21.html#1165237" title="zmcertmgr" name="1282545">zmcertmgr</a>
<a name="1282547">Manage self-signed and commercial certificates</a>
<a name="1282564">zmclamdctl</a>
<a name="1282566">Start, stop, or find the status of Clam AV</a>
<a name="1282560">zmcleaniplanetics</a>
<a name="1282562">Clean iPlanet ICS calendar files</a>
<a href="A_app-command-line.20.18.html#1240551" title="zmcontrol (Start/Stop Service)" name="1282555">zmcontrol (Start/Stop Service)</a>
<a name="1282558">Start, stop, status of the Zimbra servers. Also can </a>use to find the Zimbra version installed.
<a name="1282549">zmconvertctl</a>
<a name="1282551">Start, stop, the conversion server or find the </a>status of the converted attachments conversion/indexing
<a name="1282568">zmdumpenv</a>
<a name="1282570">General information about the server </a>environment is displayed
<a name="1282576">zmgsautil</a>
<a name="1282578">Create, delete the GAL sync account and initiate </a>manual syncs.
<a name="1282591">zmhostname</a>
<a name="1282593">Find the hostname of the Zimbra server</a>
<a href="A_app-command-line.20.27.html#1314000" title="zmhsm" name="1282587">zmhsm</a>
<a name="1282589">Start, stop and status of a HSM session.</a>
<a name="1282595">zmitemdatafile</a>
<a name="1282597">Extracts and packs tgz files that ZCS uses for </a>REST import/export
<a name="1282628">zmjava</a>
<a name="1282630">Execute Java with Zimbra-specific environment </a>settings
<a href="A_app-command-line.20.23.html#1277346" title="zmldappasswd" name="1282624">zmldappasswd</a>
<a name="1282626">Changes the LDAP password</a>
<a href="A_app-command-line.20.28.html#1314044" title="zmlicense" name="1282617">zmlicense</a>
<a name="1282619">View and install your Zimbra license</a>
<a name="1282610">zmlmtpinject</a>
<a name="1282612">Testing tool</a>
<a href="A_app-command-line.20.24.html#1204276" title="zmlocalconfig" name="1282606">zmlocalconfig</a>
<a name="1282608">Used to set or get the local configuration of a </a>Zimbra server
<a name="1282599">zmloggerctl</a>
<a name="1282601">Start, stop, reload, or find the status of the Zimbra </a>logger service
<a name="1282632">zmloggerhostmap</a>
<a name="1282634">Used to manually map a DNS hostname to a </a>zmhostname.
<a name="1282668">zmlogswatchctl</a>
<a name="1282670">Start, stop, status of the swatch that is monitoring </a>logging
<a href="A_app-command-line.20.25.html#1209967" title="zmmailbox" name="1282664">zmmailbox</a>
<a name="1282666">Performs mailbox management tasks</a>
<a name="1282657">zmmailboxdctl</a>
<a name="1282659">Start, stop, reload, or find the status of the </a>mailbox components (mailboxd, MySQL, convert)
<a href="A_app-command-line.20.19.html#1313846" title="zmmailboxmove (Move Mailbox)" name="1282652">zmmailboxmove (Move Mailbox)</a>
<a name="1282655">Used to move selected mailboxes from one </a>Zimbra server to another.
<a href="A_app-command-line.20.20.html#1313931" title="zmmboxsearch (Cross Mailbox Search)" name="1282645">zmmboxsearch (Cross Mailbox Search)</a>
<a name="1282648">Search across mailboxes to find messages and </a>attachments
<a href="A_app-command-line.20.29.html#1114432" title="zmmetadump" name="1282639">zmmetadump</a>
<a name="1282641">Support tool that dumps an item’s metadata in a </a>human-readable form
<a name="1282676">zmmtaconfigctl</a>
<a name="1282678">Start, stop, or find the status of the MTA </a>configuration daemon
<a name="1282672">zmmtactl</a>
<a name="1282674">Start, stop, or find the status of the MTA</a>
<a href="A_app-command-line.20.30.html#1077527" title="zmmypasswd" name="1282683">zmmypasswd</a>
<a name="1282685">Trace messages</a>
<a href="A_app-command-line.20.30.html#1077527" title="zmmypasswd" name="1282698">zmmypasswd</a>
<a name="1282700">Change MySQL passwords</a>
<a name="1282691">zmmysqlstatus</a>
<a name="1282693">Status of mailbox SQL instance</a>
<a name="1282687">zmperditionctl</a>
<a name="1282689">Start, stop, or find the status of the perdition IMAP </a>proxy
<a href="A_app-command-line.20.31.html#1314095" title="zmplayredo" name="1282705">zmplayredo</a>
<a name="1282707">Performs data restore using backed up </a>snapshots taken periodically. Users who use snapshots to backup and restore their information from a standby site use this command.
<a href="A_app-command-line.20.04.html#1293179" title="zmprov (Provisioning)" name="1282712">zmprov (Provisioning)</a>
<a name="1282714">Performs all provisioning tasks in Zimbra LDAP, </a>including creating accounts, domains, distribution lists and aliases
<a href="A_app-command-line.20.32.html#1232631" title="zmproxyconfgen" name="1282719">zmproxyconfgen</a>
<a name="1282721">Generates configuration for the nginx proxy</a>
<a name="1282723">zmproxyctl</a>
<a name="1282725">Start, stop, restart, and find the status of the IMAP </a>proxy service
<a href="A_app-command-line.20.33.html#1235858" title="zmproxypurge" name="1282730">zmproxypurge</a>
<a name="1282732">Purges POP/IMAP routing information from one </a>or more memcached servers
<a name="1282734">zmpython</a>
<a name="1282736">Ability to write Python scripts that access Zimbra </a>Java libraries. It sets the ZCS class path and starts the Jython interpreter.
<a href="A_app-command-line.20.34.html#1314174" title="zmredodump" name="1282817">zmredodump</a>
<a name="1282819">Support tool for dumping contents of a redolog </a>file for debugging purposes
<a href="A_app-command-line.20.15.html#1313540" title="zmrestore" name="1282810">zmrestore</a>
<a name="1282812">Performs full restores and incremental restores </a>for a designated mail host
<a href="A_app-command-line.20.17.html#1313808" title="zmrestoreldap" name="1282803">zmrestoreldap</a>
<a name="1282805">Restore accounts from the LDAP backup</a>
<a href="A_app-command-line.20.16.html#1313682" title="zmrestoreoffline (Offline Restore)" name="1282795">zmrestoreoffline (Offline Restore)</a>
<a name="1282798">Performs full restore when the Zimbra server (i.e., </a>the mailboxd process) is down
<a name="1282789">zmsaslauthdctl</a>
<a name="1282791">Start, stop, or find the status of saslauthd </a>(authentication)
<a href="A_app-command-line.20.12.html#1313276" title="zmschedulebackup" name="1282785">zmschedulebackup</a>
<a name="1282787">Schedule backups and add the command to your </a>cron table
<a name="1282778">zmshutil</a>
<a name="1282780">Used for other zm scripts, do not use</a>
<a href="A_app-command-line.20.35.html#1233209" title="zmskindeploy" name="1282774">zmskindeploy</a>
<a name="1282776">Deploy skins for accounts from the command line</a>
<a href="A_app-command-line.20.36.html#1232905" title="zmsoap" name="1282767">zmsoap</a>
<a name="1282769">Print mail, account, and admin information in the </a>SOAP format
<a name="1282756">zmspellctl</a>
<a name="1282758">Start, stop, or find the status of the spell check </a>server
<a name="1282752">zmsshkeygen</a>
<a name="1282754">Generate Zimbra’s SSH encryption keys</a>
<a href="A_app-command-line.20.37.html#1236758" title="zmstat-chart" name="1282748">zmstat-chart</a>
<a name="1282750">Generate charts from zmstat data collected in a </a>directory
<a href="A_app-command-line.20.38.html#1171137" title="zmstat-chart-config" name="1282741">zmstat-chart-config</a>
<a name="1282743">Generate an .xml file with data included from the </a>account setup
<a name="1282821">zmstat-chart-config</a>
<a name="1282823">Outputs an XML configuration that describes the </a>current state of the data gathered from zmstat-chart to generate charts on the administration console.
<a href="A_app-command-line.20.39.html#1232962" title="zmstatctl" name="1282886">zmstatctl</a>
<a name="1282888">Start, stop, check status, or rotate logs of zmstat </a>data collectors
<a name="1282879">zmstorectl</a>
<a name="1282881">Start, stop, or find the status of Zimbra store </a>services
<a name="1282875">zmswatchctl</a>
<a name="1282877">Start, stop, or find the status of the Swatch </a>process, which is used in monitoring
<a name="1282871">zmsyslogsetup</a>
<a name="1282873">Used to setup system log config file </a>
<a href="A_app-command-line.20.40.html#1232930" title="zmthrdump" name="1282867">zmthrdump</a>
<a name="1282869">Initiate a thread dump and save the data to a file </a>with a timestamp
<a href="A_app-command-line.20.26.html#1148310" title="zmtlsctl" name="1282860">zmtlsctl</a>
<a name="1282862">Set the Web server mode to the communication </a>protocol options: HTTP, HTTPS or mixed
<a href="A_app-command-line.20.41.html#1233228" title="zmtrainsa" name="1282853">zmtrainsa</a>
<a name="1282855">Used to train the anti-spam filter to recognize </a>what is spam or ham
<a href="A_app-command-line.20.42.html#1077990" title="zmtzupdate" name="1282846">zmtzupdate</a>
<a name="1282848">Provides mechanism to process timezone </a>changes from the command line
<a name="1282839">zmupdateauthkeys</a>
<a name="1282841">Used to fetch the ssh encryption keys created by </a>zmsshkeygen
<a href="A_app-command-line.20.43.html#1237216" title="zmvolume" name="1282835">zmvolume</a>
<a name="1282837">Manage storage volumes on your Zimbra Mailbox </a>server
<a href="A_app-command-line.20.44.html#1077532" title="zmzimletctl" name="1282828">zmzimletctl</a>
<a name="1282830">Deploy and configure Zimlets</a>