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Huawei AT-commandsThis is a featured page

note: Some devices like the Huawei K3715 seem to require AT-commands to be typed in capital letters!

There are a couple of options for disabling and re-enabling the following USB-components of Huawei USB-modems:

   modem (M)
   NAND-flashmemory drive (CD)
   microSD-drive (SD)
   PC UI interface (UI)
   network adaptor (N)
   smartcard (SC) 

To disable or re-enable those components run the following AT-command, where n is one of the numbers from the table below:


On some models it is possible to read the present value of the parameter n by sending command: AT^U2DIAG?

n M CD SD UI N SC remarks supported by not supported by
0 +


E160, E1750
1 + +

3 +

+ won't work on devices without SC*

+ +
won't work on devices without N*


+ + won't work on devices without N & SC*

10 + +

+ won't work on devices without SC*

+ +
won't work on devices without N*

255 + + + +  ?  ? reset to factory defaults E160, E160E, K3565, K3715 E176, E1762, E1750, E173
256 +
+ +

for most devices: everything enabled except the flashmemory; microSD-drive will be available under Windows even without drivers installed E160, E160E, E173, E1750, E1762, K3565, K3715 E176
257 + + +

259 +
+ +
+ won't work on devices without SC* E173u-2, E176
+ +
+ + won't work on devices without N & SC*

+ +
+ + won't work on devices without N & SC*

266 + + +

+ won't work on devices without SC*

+ +
won't work on devices without N*

268 + + + +

won't work on devices without N* E1750, K3565, E173
276 + + + + +  ? reset to factory defaults E1762, K3565, K3765, E173, E1750
  • ) note: Smartcard (SC) and network adaptor (N) are not present in many Huawei devices. Using an AT-command that activates SC or N on a device without these components, will result in errors and so will be noneffective.

Modems supporting AT^U2DIAG? command: E173, E1750 ,E160E Modems not supporting AT^U2DIAG? command: E160, K3565

Also on some models it is possible to display a list of devices present in a USB-stick, by sending a command: AT^GETPORTMODE

common AT-commands

3GPP standards AT-commands are specified in 3GPP TS 27.005[1] and 3GPP TS 27.007[2].

list of AT-commands

Selecting an APN

+CGDCONT=1,”IP”,”apn name” e.g. for Vodafone UK – AT+CGDCONT=1,”IP”,”internet”

Querying signal strength

+CSQ Returns two comma separated numbers. The first number is the signal strength (RSSI), the second number is unused. Here’s how to interpret RSSI: 0 <= -113dBm 1 -111dBm 2 – 30 -109dBm to -53dBm 31 >= -51dBm 99 Unknown

Setting operating mode +CFUN=x 0 Low power mode 1 Online 4 Offline 6 Reset device 7 Turn off radio

Get manufacturer information +CGMI

Get software version +CGMR

Get SIM IMSI number +CIMI

Get device IMEI +CGSN

Get hardware version ^HWVER

Change PIN +CPWD=SC,old pin, new pin

Enable PIN +CLCK=SC,mode,pin Mode: 0=unlock, 1=lock, 2=query state On some modems it may be necessary to quote both SC and PIN.

Query system information ^SYSINFO Returns: status, domain, roaming status, mode, SIM state Status 0 No service. 1 Restricted service 2 Valid service 3 Restricted regional service. 4 Power-saving and deep sleep state Domain 0 No service. 1 Only CS service 2 Only PS service 3 PS+CS service 4 CS and PS not registered, searching Roaming 0 Non roaming state 1 Roaming state Mode 0 No service. 1 AMPS mode (not in use currently) 2 CDMA mode (not in use currently) 3 GSM/GPRS mode 4 HDR mode 5 WCDMA mode 6 GPS mode SIM state 0 Invalid USIM card state or pin code locked 1 Valid USIM card state 2 USIM is invalid in case of CS 3 USIM is invalid in case of PS 4 USIM is invalid in case of either CS or PS 255 USIM card is not existent,

Network selection +COPS=? Return a list of networks +COPS=mode, format, operator Mode 0 Automatic 1 Manual 4 If manual fails, try automatic Format 1 Long alpha 2 Short alpha 3 Numeric Operator Either the long alpha name, the short operator alpha code or the numeric code Status 0 unknown 1 available 2 current 3 forbidden

System Config ^SYSCFG=mode, order, band, roaming, domain Mode 2 Automatic search 13 2G ONLY 14 3G ONLY 16 No change Order 0 Automatic search 1 2G first, then 3G 2 3G first, then 2G 3 No change Band 80 GSM DCS systems 100 Extended GSM 900 200 Primary GSM 900 200000 GSM PCS 400000 WCDMA IMT 2000 3FFFFFFF Any band 40000000 No change of band Roaming 0 Not supported 1 Roaming is supported 2 No change Domain 0 CS_ONLY 1 PS_ONLY 2 CS_PS 3 ANY 4 No change

Sending USSD Commands +CUSD=1,"USSD-Command" e.g. AT+CUSD=1,"*100#" for some devices you will need to attach ",15" to your AT-command, as there won't come any return otherwise: e.g. AT+CUSD=1,"*100#",15