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Instructions for TK103 GPS tracker

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Note: All instructions sent to the GPS unit via SMS must be in lower case letters only. Instructions sent to the unit that are upper case, or start in upper case will be ignored by the unit. Instructions below are contained in quotation marks, quotation marks do not need to be sent and are simply to clarify what to send.

From factory, the password to access the unit is 123456.

Setting Master Number

Until a master number is added, the GPS unit will SMS reply with its GPS location to ANY number that calls it. To stop the unit replying to any number that calls it, a master number must be given to the unit. Instructions below show how to set the master number.

Ring the GPS unit from your cell phone and let it ring until the GPS unit picks the call up or the unit hangs up. Do this 10 times in a row, each time letting the unit pick the call up/hang up. While making these calls, the unit may SMS back with its GPS location, ignore these. After the 10th call, the GPS unit should SMS back something other than its GPS location. Depending on the manufacturer of the unit, it should SMS "add master OK", although, some units will just sent a blank message instead.

Setting Admin Numbers

Admin numbers are secondary numbers that will also receive SMS alerts from the GPS unit. Admin numbers do not have to be added if not wanted. For admin numbers to access the GPS unit, the users will also need to know the GPS units password.

To add admin numbers, send message "admin 123456 XXXXXX". XXXXXX is the number you want to add as admin number. Up to 4 admin numbers may be added, all will be able to control the unit and will recive text notifications when the unit is in SMS mode. Only the master number should be used to add numbers to the unit.

Setting password

Send message "password 123456 XXXXXX". XXXXXX is a new password of your choice. Password must be at least 6 characters and may be numbers or letters. If the password contains letters, they must all be lower case. Note that if the password is forgotten, the unit will need to be reset at the factory.

SMS Commands

Below instructions assume XXXXX is the password

Function SMS Command and password Units Response Confirmation SMS
SMS Mode sms xxxxxx Unit will SMS location and notifications to admin number sms ok!
GPRS Mode gprs xxxxxx Unit will show online its location and notifications gprs ok!
monitor mode monitor xxxxxx Unit will activate microphone if called by an admin number monitor ok!
Tracker Mode tracker xxxxxx Unit will SMS gps location if called by an admin number (unit must be in SMS mode) tracker ok!
See Location address xxxxxx Unit will SMS address to admin number (unit must be in SMS mode)
Shift alarm move xxxxxx Unit will send notification if unit moves move ok!
Shift alarm nomove xxxxxx Cancels shift alarm nomove ok!
Arm on arm xxxxxx Unit will send notification if door is opened or ACC is turned on tracker is activated!
Arm off disarm xxxxxx Cancels arm tracker is deactivated!
Check Status check xxxxxx Unit will SMS status of battery, power, doors, acc

Simple config

begin123456 - resets all controller's settings, password 123456 is set by default

Make a call to the controller, which should wait untill two beeps, break the call and send SMS with it's coordinates

time zone123456 0 - set time zone to GMT
admin123456 phone - set the admin Phone Number
apn123456 internet - sets the required apn for gprs configuration - example for UZO in Portugal

For old equipment

apnuser123456 mts - sets the user for gprs configuration 
apnpasswd123456 mts - sets the password for gprs configuration.

For new equipment

up123456 tmn tmnnet - sets the user and password for gprs configuration
gprs123456 - we're setting GPRS mode
adminip123456 9000 - sets the server's address for packages sending

For old equipment versions

t030s***n123456 - sets the interval of messages sending to 30 seconds. 

For new equipment versions this command can have the following format

fix030***n123456 - sets the interval of messages sending to 30 seconds.
distance123456 0100 - set distance to report position - example 100 meters
angle123456 020 - set max turn angle for report position - example 20 degree
less gprs123456 on - reduce de amount of GPRS traffic, only send data if ACC is on
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Outros Comandos

Configure GPRS APN

APN differs from country to country. For more information about your local APN, please inquire with your local GPRS network operator.

“APN+password+Space+your local APN” via a cell phone and if succeeded, the tracker will return the message “APN OK ”.